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Absolute Optical Rotary Encoders Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoder Explosion Proof Absolute Rotary Encoders High Resolution Inclinometer
Calibrated Inclinometer ACCELENS (Metal Housing) - Inclinometer Absolute Inclinometers With Connection Caps Accessories
OPTOCODE - Absolute Optical Rotary Encoders
Optical Absolute Encoders are characterized by a high precision and dynamics.
•Resolution Per Revolution up to 16 Bit (65536 Steps)
•Up to 16384 (14 bit) Revolutions With Mechanical Gearing,
  No Battery Back Up
•Operating Temperature -40 to +85 °C
•Environmental Protection IP 65 Enclosure and IP 66 Flange
•Hollow Shaft or Solid Shaft Flanges
•Stainless Steel and Explosion Proof Encoders Available
•UL Certified
•Wide range of interfaces : CANopen, Profibus, SSI, Devicenet,
  Profinet IO, Industrial Ethernet, Powerlink, Bitparellel, Interbus
MAGNETOCODE - Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoder
Low Cost Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoders
•12 Bit Resolution per Revolution
•13 Bit Revolutions, Others Upon Request
•Operating Temperature -30 to +85 °C
•Environmental Protection IP 54 - IP 65
•RoHS compliant - No battery needed
EXAG - Explosion Proof Absolute Rotary Encoders
Certification according to EX II 2 G/D Eex d II C T6
•Heavy Duty Industrial Model
•Up to 8192 Steps per Revolution
•Up to 16384 Revolutions
•Available with SSI or Fieldbus Interface
ANGUSENS - High Resolution Inclinometer
Inclinometer with highest precision and excellent
mechanical properties
•Measuring Range: ± 5°, ± 15° or ± 30° in dual axes
•High Resolution of up to 0.001°
•Protection Class: IP67
•Rugged Three-Point-Mounting
ACCELENS - Calibrated Inclinometer
Small-size solution with rugged design for any
•Measuring range +/-80° (2-axes) and 360° (1-axis)
• Inclinometer based on a MEMS acceleration sensor
•Horizontal or Vertical mounting
•RS232 Digital and/or Analog or CANopen interface
ACCELENS (Metal Housing) - Inclinometer
•High resolution inclinometer with highest dynamic and maximum
  measurement range up to 360°
•Inclinometer based on a MEMS acceleration sensor
•Measuring range +/-80° and 360°
•Up to three measuring axis
•Horizontal and vertical mounting
•CANopen Interface
ANS - Absolute Inclinometers With Connection Caps
Inclinometer with highest accuracy with all
established bus interfaces
•Measuring Range: ± 15 or ± 30 Degrees
•High Resolution of up to 0.001°
•Fully Programmable
•Protection Class IP66
•Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet Interface
•Cable Pull Adapters
•Mounting Device
•Heavy Duty Enclosure