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• Conax selling U.S. brand-name agent in Taiwan Updated date:2011.09.21
Fiber-optic temperature sensor / pressure vacuum sealing components / R & Dand Thermocouples
  Conax Buffalo designs, engineers and manufactures sensors in sizes starting at 0.040"/1mm diameter with probe configurations available in over 30,000 combinations of mounting styles suitable for applications from laboratory to large industrial environments. We offer a complete system approach, from sensor to transmitter, to provide a single source to satisfy your temperature sensing needs.
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•JYHPIN Company sell German Group POSITAL and ABSOLUTE Updated date:2009.10.27
Encoders (German FRABA Corporation Taiwan area agent)  

  The German FRABA group was established in 1918, devoted in the industrial automation domain, broadly high praise. It has installed 13,000 set of above mechanical device control systems. In 2006, additionally built the new Production plant to provide a better product! FRABA POSITAL GmbH is one of its subsidiaries and has been a leading manufacturer of absolute rotary encoders for 30 years. The FRABA group also includes the VITECTOR and INTACTON subsidiaries, which produce sensors for security applications and sensors for non-contact velocity measurement, respectively. Further Information>>
•German Brand RENNER PUMP(JYHPIN Co., Ltd. Taiwan Agent) Updated date:2009.12.14
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•JYH PIN DISTRUBED PRODCUTS LIST (Stock Available) Updated date:2009.08.25
  Please feel free to download the list for your easy reference when purchasing, the lead time would be only required 10-14 days upon confirmation! Further Information>>
•Solar Power Industry, the Heateflex®PVDF/PFA In-Line Fluid Heaters Updated date:2009.07.27
Advantages Features
Heated DI Water Applied Specially for PVDF/PFA Wet Surfaces Use
High Efficiency and Low Maintenance Patented Heateflex® Heating Coil Applied
Compact Size for Easy Installation Mounting Bracket Included
No Nitrogen Purge Required World Safety Voltages from 1 to 12 kW Allowed
Safety Interlock for Heating Power
Liquid Level Sensor Safety Thermostat Control Board
Liquid Level Control Board Durable with extremely high temperature
Safety Thermostat  
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•Exclusive German Brand AZ Formen Regroover & Thermocutter Updated date:2009.06.22

Easy Operation
Endurable Industrial Design
Sharp blade for easy and clear cutting
Rapid Blade Heating Up
Suitable for various kinds of industrial cutting
KZ6   ZTS20
KZ10   ZTS24
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•German Brand SCHMITT PUMP Updated date:2009.06.19
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